Registration is now open and the Woo EC Fes Japan 2020 is just a couple of weeks away.

In preparation for the event, social media covers (Twitter and Facebook) will be distributed for participants, performers and sponsors.

We also have a frame for your Facebook profile picture. We hope you enjoy it!

Please join us in making the Woo EC Fes Japan 2020 a success!

Twitter Cover

Twitter Cover - I'm in!
Twitter Cover - I'll be on the show!
Twitter Cover - I'm sponsoring you!

Facebook Cover

Facebook Cover - I'm in!
Facebook Cover - I'll be on the show!
Facebook Cover - I'm sponsoring you!

Frame for Facebook profile picture

Example of a Facebook Profile Frame display

Please login to Facebook and access the following URL to set up the frame.
▼The frame name is "Woo EC Fes Japan 2020".

www.facebook.com/profilepicframes/?selected_overlay_id=3510806158941824 ...

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