Executive Committee Members

Tanaka Shohei

Executive Committee Manager / Lead Organizer

He has been involved in the management and operation of an online shop since 2000, and in 2001 he established a subsidiary in the United States. In 2013, he joined WooCommerce 2.1 as a core contributor. Now, he is mainly working on WooCommerce and developing EC systems.




Living in Okayama Prefecture. Belongs to DIGITALJET Inc. Programmer. He is an organizer of
OkayamaWordPressMeetup and manages communities such as JAWS-UG Okayama and JP_Stripes Okayama. He loves curry and men's tuna kettle.

https://www.facebook.com/takeshi.furusato ...


Public Relations Team

He has been involved in web production since 1996 while working as a DTP designer. Currently working as a web director to build, operate and support CMS for a wide range of sites from public to private companies.
His hobbies are watching F1 and traveling to Taiwan. Love Taiwanese tea. 

KOMOTO Atsushi

Design Team and Web Development Team

After finishing graduate school in 2000, he worked for a trading company, a parts manufacturer and a retailer as a web and DTP designer. He has experience building websites and e-commerce sites for various industries. Also translates from Japanese to English using my experience as an overseas student. 
Her hobbies include eating out and loving Akashi-yaki (Egg Octopus Ball).


KOUNO Chiaki

Session Team, Design Team and Translation Team

She has been living in Hong Kong since 2008. Web developer and occasional marketer, helping companies in Hong Kong and Japan with everything from website development to promotion. A member of WordCamp Asia 2020 Executive Committee. Staff member of WP ZoomUP, a free online study group. His favourite dim sum is fried rice cake skin dumplings (ham soi gok).

https://www.trkm.net/ ...


Session Team

Web system development and management of its own EC site. web system is also involved in many EC systems, such as wordpress, WooCommerce plug-ins, automatic order-taking cooperation of the EC site with the core system, and developed various things to suit the client. Our own EC site is managed by e-store and received the "Aichi Prefecture Gold Award" from e-store in 2011, and we also hold AI (machine learning) workshops and provide paid services for WordPress using AI.


SAIKI Hiroki


Engineer working mainly on WordPress in Tokyo.
He is a speaker and co-author of many technical books through open source community activities.
He used to work at a motorcycle shop, and his specialties are Japanese calligraphy and playing musical instruments.
His motto is "I'm an altruistic person" and his catchphrase is "I'm an old man who never wakes up.



Session Team, Design Team and Public Relations Team

I'm a freelancer. I do a lot of online school mentoring. I also create websites. I also take photos. I also do video. Tokyo. Shishito WooCommerce contributor.



Design Team and Web Development Team

Freelance web designer living in a rural area. As a small website shop in town, I work closely with clients on everything from small websites to building e-commerce sites. Sometimes I go out to the rice paddies to grow rice.




Sponsorship Team and Session Team

He has been involved in web development since 2000, and now he also builds EC sites using WooCommerce.
He is currently studying UI/UX psychology and information behavioral psychology in addition to his work. He would like to research "basket drop" in the future.

TODA Shusei

Session Team, Public Relations Team, Translation Team, and Distribution Team

Communication Designer. His main job is to produce Japan's manufacturing through the combination of IT and design. At the same time, he also provides branding and marketing support, mainly through photos and videos. He is in charge of WordCamp Tokyo 2019 Organizer and WordCamp Tokyo 2018 After Movie.

IG: st810amaze


Session Team and Public Relations Team

In 2009, he established Ohanashiya Inc. and became its representative director. From 2019, he will also be a part-time researcher at the Graduate School of Education, Okayama University. He develops medical websites, e-commerce sites and web services, and processes big data. He also develops WordPress plugins tailored to customers, and WooCommerce plugins tailored to Japanese business practices and customers' wishes. He likes wine and meat. Enjoys freshwater aquariums. Cat person.

IG: seijitanp

Woo EC Fes Japan 2020 Executive Committee Details

Executive Committee Director: Shohei Tanaka

Office address: 4-4-9 Kokubo, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, on the premises of Shokunin Kobo Godo Kaisha

Contact: contact@wooecfes.jp