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Easy to translate - The Weglot plugin is a reliable and easy way to make any website multilingual in minutes. Quick and seamless installation - no coding and no developer work required.

Manage your translations using Weglot's simple to use interface and add manual translations as needed, with Weglot all your translated pages are automatically indexed by Google! It is a trusted and used translation plugin for

Weglot is a tool sponsor of the Woo EC Fes website, which you are currently looking at, providing multilingual site support and translation management features. Please take a look at the language switcher at the bottom left of the page to see how WEGLOT can be used to develop a multilingual site in your preferred language. 

A multilingual site like this can be created in just 5 minutes by installing the plugin.

You can see individual online demonstrations of how to implement a multilingual site easily and the operation screens.

Weglot's Excellent Features

  • Fully compatible with all themes and plugins: Weglot Translate translates all strings on every page of your website. Weglot translates WooCommerce products, checkouts, order emails, and more, no matter where the strings are generated.
  • Translation into over 100 languages
  • Human and machine translation: manage and edit your translations from a single administration screen
  • Autodiscovery of content and no need to search for translation files (.po) or other WordPress source files.
  • The translation is updated in real time.
  • If necessary, you can also request a professional translator.
  • Give new languages their own URLs to optimize for SEO: As Google recommends for multilingual websites, translated web pages will have their own URLs.
  • The language switcher is fully customizable.

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