Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

Tanaka Shohei

Executive Committee Manager / Lead Organizer

Since 2000, he has been involved in the operation and management of online shops, and in 2001, he established a subsidiary in the United States, based on his overseas business experience.
He has experience in managing and operating online shops with monthly sales of up to 250 million yen, and now he is mainly involved in development.
He has been a core contributor since WooCommerce 2.1 in 2013.
Now, he is mainly engaged in WooCommerce EC system development.



Public Relations Team

While working as a desktop publishing designer, he became involved in web development in 1996, and established his own company in 2000. In 2000, he established his own company.
Currently, he works as a web director for CMS construction, operation and support, and handles a wide range of websites from public to private companies.
His hobbies are watching Formula 1 and traveling in Taiwan. He loves Taiwanese tea.


KOMOTO Atsushi

Design and Web Development Team

After finishing graduate school in 2000, he worked as a web designer for a trading company, a parts manufacturer and a retailer before going independent as a web and DTP designer. She has experience of building and managing websites for a variety of industries. She also translates from Japanese to English using her experience of studying abroad. 
Her hobbies are eating and drinking, and she loves Akashiyaki (egg pancakes).



Session and workshop teams

We develop web systems and manage our own e-commerce site.
The web system is also involved in many EC systems, such as wordpress, WooCommerce plug-ins, automatic order linking between the core system and EC site, and other system development tailored to the client.
Our company's EC site is operated by E-store, and we have won the "Aichi Prefecture Gold Award" from E-store in the past.
We hold workshops on AI (machine learning) and offer a paid service for WordPress using AI.
His hobby is playing basketball.



Design and Web Development Team

I am freelance. I'm often a mentor for online schools.
I also create websites. I also take photos. I also do video.
I also stream on YouTube and Twitch.

Tokyo, Japan. WooCommerce contributor.



Design and Web Development Team

Freelance web designer living in the local area.
As a small website shop in town, I work closely with my clients to create everything from small websites to e-commerce sites.




Community Sponsorship Team

Started web development while working for a manufacturer and left in 1999. He set up his own freelance web production office
and has been involved in web production, marketing and SEO. Recently, he has been building e-commerce sites using WooCommerce.
He is currently studying the psychology of UI/UX and information behavior (online behavior).


with tiger fields

Design and Web Development Team

I've been involved in the WordPress community since my first experience as a staff member at WordCamp Osaka 2019.
I usually work as a front-end designer at Kittehs, but I like to draw illustrations every day and sometimes work as a designer.
I like road bikes, sake and green tea.
I live by the motto "Enjoy" in everything I do.



Community Sponsorship Team

Her day job is a clerical position in a medical institution.
She is studying by attending several events to acquire IT skills, starting with WordCamp Osaka 2019.
This is her first time to join WooECFes staff to learn WooCommerce.



Public Relations Team

Freelance engineer.
I specialize in backend (Java, PHP), but I started with WordPress, so I also do website building and DRM building using L-step (DRM stand on line).
I work flexibly with clients to meet their challenges as a small website and system builder, and in some cases as a computer expert.
I've been around sales a lot lately, so I prefer to talk rather than write code or build.


Woo EC Fes Japan 2021 Organising Committee Details

Executive Committee Director: Shohei Tanaka

Office address: 4-4-9 Kokubo, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, on the premises of Shokunin Kobo Godo Kaisha

Contact: contact@wooecfes.jp