Building a store for the first time

From opening a store to attracting customers (using Instagram)

Session Content

I want to start selling online, but where do I start?

I want to create an online store and sell my products, but I don't know where to start. What is
server? What is a domain? The Internet is full of unfamiliar words.
We'll walk you through the process of creating an online shop from scratch.

Use Instagram to get people to come to your store.

After publishing a shopping website, Instagram is the most interesting tool to attract customers nowadays.
Unlike malls and other e-commerce services, WooCommerce makes it easy to use Instagram as a customer attraction tool.
It's a bit confusing to set up, so I'll explain how to set it up in simple terms.

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Session targets

Newbie / Store Operators / Developers

It is not intended to restrict the viewing of this program to anyone other than the above.

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11:15 - 12:05PM (JST)

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Nobuko Taniura

Taniura Nobuko



He has been involved in web development since 2000, and now he also builds EC sites using WooCommerce.
He is currently studying UI/UX psychology and information behavioral psychology in addition to his work. He would like to research "basket drop" in the future.

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Norihiro Miwa

Miwa Hiro

Auto Project Co.


Web system development and management of its own EC site. web system is also involved in many EC systems, such as wordpress, WooCommerce plug-ins, automatic order-taking cooperation of the EC site with the core system, and developed various things to suit the client. Our own EC site is managed by e-store and received the "Aichi Prefecture Gold Award" from e-store in 2011, and we also hold AI (machine learning) workshops and provide paid services for WordPress using AI.

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