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The secret to the success of an online store is to provide a 'payment' that is tailored to the needs of the user. By simplifying the flow of payments with Paidy, you can reduce your store's opportunity loss and increase your sales!

"No more 'hassle' when shopping " Paidy eliminates the "hassle" that comes with payments.

Credit cards have to be pre-approved, and it's a pain in the ass to enter the numbers! You have to wait for the item to arrive at home for a cash on delivery payment, and if you're not there, you have to ask for a re-delivery! Paidy is the answer to the problem of how to pay for the things you want right now. All you need is an email address and mobile phone number and you can buy what you want right now and pay for it all in one transaction the following month.

This simplicity solves the problem of online stores. You can expect an increase in sales!

It's a very simple payment method, so it's used by many younger users who don't have a credit card, or who have one but don't want to use it, depending on their situation. You can expect to expand your customer base and increase sales. In addition, there is no risk of non-payment or delinquency of unpaid receivables because Paidy pays 100% of the sales proceeds, and the initial and monthly fees are zero, with the only fee being the sales commission. Already 700,000 companies in various industries have introduced this service, and the number of accounts has exceeded 3 million.

This is a new opportunity to grow your business with Woocomerce. Please sign up soon!