Theme creator roundtable

Session Content

I'm going to talk to a WordPress theme author living in Japan, who creates WooCommerce compliant themes, and ask him/her for his/her opinion on WordPress theme creation and webshop building.

WordPress theme Snow Monkey, plugin developed by Takashi KITAJIMA
WordPress theme Arkhe, Plugin Developer: Ryo
WordPress theme Nishiki (Pro), plugin developed by Tetsuya Imamura
(We are currently discussing this with the other participating artists in the session)

Target audience (people who want to hear the session)

Interested in WordPress theme creation, online shop design, etc.?

It is not intended to restrict the viewing of this program to anyone other than the above.

Venue / Delivery time

Floor2 Session Booth A

Friday 19 November, 21:40 - 22:20


Takashi Kitajima

Takashi Kitajima

monkey wrench

Self introduction and career

WordPress Themes Snow Monkey, Plugin Developer

I'm a freelance WordPress theme/plugin developer living in Nagasaki, Japan. I've developed and released a number of products as open source. Currently I'm developing and selling Snow Monkey, a paid WordPress theme.

Twitter: @inc2734




Self introduction and career

WordPress Themes SWELL and Arkhe, plugin developers

We have developed WordPress themes called SWELL and Arkhe, and several other plugins. The Arkhe theme has an extension plugin for WooCommerce.

Twitter: @ddryo_loos

Tetsuya Imamura

Tetsuya Imamura

AnimaGate, Inc.

Self introduction and career

WordPress Themes Nishiki (Pro), Plugin Developer

He is the CEO of AnimaGate, the developer of the WordPress theme Nishiki (Pro), and the developer of the plugin Nishiki Pro for WooCommerce.
BASE/楽天市場/Yahoo!ショッピング/MakeShop などを活用した EC サイト導入・運用代行・カスタマイズ業務も行っている。 We are also preparing to customize Shopify, which has been attracting a lot of attention recently.

Twitter: @s56bouya


Shouhei Tanaka

Shohei Tanaka

Craftsmen's workshop limited liability company

Self introduction and career

Since 2000, he has been involved in the operation and management of online shops, and in 2001, he established a subsidiary in the United States, based on his overseas business experience.
He has experience in managing and operating online shops with monthly sales of up to 250 million yen, and now he is mainly involved in development.
He has been a core contributor since WooCommerce 2.1 in 2013.
Now, he is mainly engaged in WooCommerce EC system development.