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Why, who, which language and how to make your site multilingual?
will give you some basic ideas on how to make your site multilingual from a 3W1H point of view, based on various data and including a marketing point of view. We will not be discussing the technical aspects of site multilingualisation. If you're interested in learning more about the technical aspects of multilingualization, here are some sessions from previous WordCamps that you might find useful.

How to create a multilingual website from the perspective of Hong Kong, the multilingual city - with a lot of Chinese ingredients! ~
https://speakerdeck.com/chiaki_kouno/duo-yan-yu-du-shi-xiang-gang-karajian-ruduo-yan-yu- saitofalsetukurikata-zhong-guo-yu-cheng-fen-duo-medeojie-ke

How to build a multilingual site with WordPress - How far can you go? How much can you do with multilingual plug-ins?

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Beginners / Store Operators / Directors / Marketers

It is not intended to restrict the viewing of this program to anyone other than the above.

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Floor2 Session Booth A

Saturday 20 November, 13:00 - 13:30 (Sessions)

Floor2 Workshop Room A

Saturday 20 November, 13:40 - 14:10 (Workshop)


Weglot Ambassador

Weglot Ambassadors


Self introduction and career

Easy translation work - The Weglot plugin is a reliable and easy way to make any website multilingual in minutes. Quick and seamless installation - No coding is required and no work is done by the developer.

Weglot is a translation plugin trusted and used by over 50,000 website owners and developers. Weglot is a translation plugin trusted and used by over 50,000 website owners and developers.

On the Woo EC Fes website you are looking at now, Weglot is a tool sponsor, providing multilingual site support and translation management. There is a language switcher at the bottom left of the page, so you can switch to the language of your choice and see what a multilingual site looks like with WEGLOT.
You can create a multilingual site like this in just 5 minutes by installing the plugin.