Easy with a rental server! Safe and secure WooCommerce site

Introducing the points to take care of when choosing, building and operating a server. Rent a server to run your WooCommerce site safely and securely.

Sessions & Workshops

We will introduce you to the points you need to take care of when building and operating an e-commerce site such as WooCommerce on a rental server (hosting) service, from the point of view of information security, which ensures the "confidentiality", "integrity" and "availability" of information.

Target audience (people who want to hear the session)

Shop Operators / Developers
Considering setting up an E-commerce site?

It is not intended to restrict the viewing of this program to anyone other than the above.

Venue / Delivery time

Floor2 Session Booth A

Saturday 20 November, 13:40 - 14:10 (Sessions)

Floor2 Workshop Room A

Saturday 20 November, 14:20 - 14:50 (Workshop)


Horie Keisuke

Keisuke Horie

X Server Corporation https://www.xserver.co.jp
LRM Corporation https://www.lrm.jp
NPO Akashi Internet Powers https://www.aip.jp

Self introduction and career

He has a wide range of industry experience, including technical support work for an internet connection provider, teaching computer seminars, operation and maintenance work for Windows-based networks and terminals, customer support and sales for a hosting service company. He has also worked as a sales representative for a hosting service company.
Currently, he is a parallel worker, working as a sales representative for a hosting service company, a customer success representative for an information security SaaS company, and a director of a non-profit organization.