WooECFes Japan 2021 Ticket Sales Date Announcement

Hi, I'm Tanaka, a member of the organising committee.

On 1 September we announced that WooCommerce's online festival, WooECFes Japan 2021, would take place on Friday 19 November and Saturday 20 November.
Today, we are pleased to announce the date of ticket sales. Tickets will go on sale at noon on Monday 11 October (sorry, they will be available by noon on the 12th. Please wait a little longer). Please be patient.

We are planning to offer three types of ticket: free ticket (free session + free workshop), 1,000 yen ticket (paid session & archive) and 3,000 yen ticket (1,000 yen ticket content + paid workshop). The names of the tickets are provisional.

Details will be announced at the time of ticketing, but the main workshops will be hands-on workshops on the sponsored services and learning how to use WooCommerce. There will also be some development workshops.

Video archive of last year's session

For your reference, we have made a video of last year's event available for your viewing pleasure.

We will be holding the above sessions and a workshop. Please wait for ticket sales Monday 11 October at noon.

We will also be using a different method of distribution this year than last year. This will be announced on the day of ticket sales.


As the tagline of this year's event "Let's Woo it!" suggests, let's experience WooCommerce (and online shops) together first hand! So, we hope you will join us.

Please note that the call for speakers and sponsors closes on 6 October.

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