WooECFes Japan 2021 Online Tickets now on sale!

A day later than planned, we have started selling tickets today.

We will now write a description of each ticket.

Free Ticket

You will be entitled to attend free sessions and workshops. The free sessions and workshops are essentially sponsored. They will also include content related to WooCommerce and basic security for online shops.

However, as far as workshops are concernedGold Ticket are given priority. If there is a free work session that you would like to attend, you are more likely to be able to do so if you purchase Gold Ticket .

Free workshops for Free Ticket and Sliver tickets will be advertised after Gold tickets have been sold and will be emailed to those who have applied for each ticket prior to the event. After that, it will be on a first come, first served basis, so please keep an eye on your email and the website for updates.

Silver Ticket

You will be able to view the contents of your free ticket and the paid sessions. You will also be able to view any unavailable sessions at any time after the event in the form of an archive.

In the paid session, the session will introduce the important contents of running an online shop and how to use WooCommerce in a better way. This is just a title, but it will be a very useful session for anyone who is running or developing an online shop.

Gold Ticket

The contents of your Silver Ticket Access to paid workshops You will receive You will also receive Priority access to free sessions is also available. So, if you buy this ticket, you will be able to attend almost any workshop you want. If you buy a Gold Ticket, you will be able to attend most of the workshops if you ask questions in the questionnaire at the end of the event. A guaranteed response on our blog We will do our best to answer your questions. If you are a Free Ticket or Silver ticket holder, we will answer some of your questions.

We will also let you know if there are any Swag (souvenirs) available from each sponsor. As last year, we will be offering coupons for the official WooCommerce website.

Individual Sponsor

This ticket is for an individual sponsor. Individual sponsors will have their logo and link placed on the sponsor page. Although we refer to you as an individual sponsor, you can still use your company logo and link. If you are a company or service provider that would like to become an individual sponsor, but not as much as a silver or gold sponsor, please contact us.

You will also receive the same entry rights as the Gold Ticket for one person.

Please check our top page for the schedule.

We have not yet been able to post the details of the sessions, but we will do so in due course.

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