WooECFes2021, a conference for "woocommerce", a plugin that allows you to build an e-commerce site with wordpress, was held on 19-20 November 2021.
As a member of the organising committee, I was asked to help with publicity and I did the following in preparation for the event.

Advertising on social networking sites
facebook advertising
twitter Advertising
・Press releases
・Announcements on social networking sites

As this was the first time I had done any advertising myself, I had to find out how to make the most of it.
I would like to report on the results of my web advertising.
We have never done any analysis before, so there may be some errors in the content of this report.
Please understand that there may be some inadequacies in the content.

facebook advertising

This time we placed several web ads from 10 to 18 November, the day before the event.
The first of these was a Facebook ad. We made a thumbnail of
as a material for the ad with a moving video.
We prepared three patterns for the content of the ad and the results are as follows.

Ad 1 (leads to landing page)

Cost:15,950 yen (2,000 yen per day)
Reach (number of views):17,649
Clicks (number of clicks):188
Display period:8 days


CTR (click through rate) = 1.1%
CPC (cost per click) = ¥85

Ad 2 (Introduction to the session)

Cost: 2,995 yen (budget: 5,000 yen)
Reach (number of displays): 16,452
Clicks (number of clicks): 19
Display period: 1 day


CTR (click through rate) = 0.1%
CPC (cost per click) = ¥158

Ad 3 (Introduction of the lecturer)

Cost 3,005 yen (budget 5,000 yen)
Reach (number of displays): 8,476
Clicks (number of clicks): 24
Display period: 1 day


CTR (click through rate) = 0.3%
CPC (cost per click) = ¥125

From this, as the cost per click has ranged between ¥85 and ¥125,
the direct page advertising of the event is less effective
in terms of how to spend the budget. I felt that it would be a good idea to

Twitter advertising

We have also posted an advertisement about Twitter for 8 days.
We have posted an introduction to the session.

Advertisement 1 (Introduction to the session)

Cost: 1.160 yen (budget: 2,000 yen)
Reach (number of views): 8,649
Clicks (number of clicks): 5
Duration: 8 days


CTR (click through rate) = 0.11%
CPC (cost per click) = ¥232

Ad 2 (Introduction to the session)

Cost: 1,096 yen (budget: 2,000 yen)
Reach (number of views): 1,670
Clicks (number of clicks): 2
Display period: 8 Days


CTR (click through rate) = 0.1%
CPC (cost per click) = ¥548

On Twitter, we only introduced sessions, but the cost per click is high, from 230 yen, so we feel that advertising on Twitter is not as effective as on Facebook.
Also, looking at the engagement, there were a lot of replies from accounts that had nothing to do with wordpress or woocommerce, so we had the impression that we were not reaching our target audience.

Press releases

When we advertised in the PRtimes, we were able to automatically create a list of newspapers and other major media outlets and have the PRtimes contact us at

Below is an example of page views etc. over the first five days of the press release.

Cost: 30,000 yen
Reach (number of displays): 324
Mainly for the press

DatePage viewsNumber of visitorsPCSmartphonesTablets

As can be seen from the above information and the characteristics of the press releases to PRtimes,
- Most of the announcements are made to major media outlets and are viewed mostly on PCs
- The number of views has been slowly decreasing since the first day of publication. There has been a gradual decrease in the number of views since the first day of publication, but the fact that the majority of views are from PCs remains unchanged.
- There has been no reprinting in the media since the announcement.

We felt that the press release was not reaching the general public that we wanted to reach.
Therefore, we felt that we needed a different medium for the press release and a way to let users know that we had done a press release
but the last press release we did with valuepress cost the same 30,000 yen
and had a reach of only 126, so if you want to do press releases for big events in the future I found
PRtimes to be a better option.


Now that we've got that out of the way, we want to see what the actual traffic to the site has been like.

(Advertisement start date)10 November - 20 November

Total 326
Search 280
none (e.g. newsletter) 30
Another site (advertising) 7

Based on the above, we feel that there are more results from the
search than from the influx of users due to advertising.


This year's report focuses on web advertising, but
advertising does not necessarily have an immediate effect on the users who want to participate.
We feel that it is necessary to increase the recognition of the event on a daily basis in order to spread it to the general public.
In addition, the content of the postings that were often seen this time were often bland, such as announcements to confirm the date and time of the event.
In the future, we will make arrangements to see what kind of content people respond well to in the long term. I think we should have a long term plan to see what kind of content people respond to.

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