Recruitment of staff for the day

We are looking for staff for the Woo EC Fes Japan 2021.

We will be hosting all content delivery and workshops at oVice.

For this reason, we are looking for volunteer staff to support the workshops and sessions on oVice together with the organising committee. As in previous years, we will be giving out small gifts to those who help out.

What to ask staff to do on the day

You will be mainly responsible for guiding and supporting the workshops in oVice. We will have a few online meetings before the day of the workshop, and you will be able to see how things work in oVice.

There will be rehearsals on the day, and we will ask you to participate in the workshops you are taking.

Benefits of being a member of staff on the day

More than just an attendee of the event, as a staff member of the event you will be able to increase your knowledge about WooCommerce. We will also be using oVice for the whole event, so you will get to experience a real event in oVice. This is the first time we've used oVice for an entire event, so we're hoping you'll be able to help us out with some trial and error.

It's also a great way to get to know many of the WooCommerce and WordPress specific staff on the day, who have the knowledge and experience to help you with your future WooCommerce experience.

If you are a little curious or wondering what to do, please join us.

Let's Woo it!

Closing date for applications

Applications will be accepted until 3 November 2021, and those who apply after 4 November will be contacted by email with further details.

We have extended the application period until Monday 15 November 2021. We are short of staff on the day and would be grateful for your help.Those who register after 16 November will be contacted by email with a schedule of future events.

On the day staff application form

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